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Project Vision

  • To institutionalize a collection system and channelization of e-waste for recycling using environmentally sound technologies involving SMEs in the informal sector.


  • Improved living standards in urban centres in India and support the implementation of National Environment Policy which specifies the 3R and Polluter Pays Principle with a clear role for the involvement of the informal sector in waste management.
  • To reduce the pollution due to recycling of e-waste in the unorganized sector in four urban areas by encouraging environmentally sound recycling through a collective effort of all the relevant stakeholders in the value chain.
  • To involve the informal sector SMEs in the e-waste channel and to streamline these activities.
  • To create a substantive expertise in the country which would be able to take the project’s activities forward in other urban agglomerations.
  • To develop and improve the technology for e-waste management and recycling in the informal as well as the formal sector and also contribute to the standardization of process and product.
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